sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

Coaching Ourselves.com Lo Ultimo de Henry Mintzberg

On Our Way to the Learning Organization

CoachingOurselves is a development program, for practicing managers of all kinds. Our approach is simple: groups of 4-6 managers meet periodically in the workplace for about 75 minutes, typically over lunch. There are no professional facilitators, no faculty, no formal coaches. Groups download management topics, prepared by leading management thinkers, that allow managers to share and learn from their own experiences.

The benefits are many. CoachingOurselves sessions are catalytic: they promote change, sparking a rhythm of reflection and action. CoachingOurselves encourages a more engaging, more venturing, less hierarchical style of managing, with proper recognition of the critical impact of middle managers.

CoachingOurselves is a scalable and affordable management development program that promotes a learning culture in the organization.

CoachingOurselves offers:
1. Management development: managers learn about the concepts and competencies of managing easily and quickly, while having fun.
2. Team development: managers get to know and appreciate their colleagues as they coach each other.
3. Organization development: the sessions are designed to draw out and address key issues of concern to the group and the organization.

CoachingOurselves is also useful in existing management development programs. Cover specific topics and provide a change of pace, as managers work in small groups on their own.

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