lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

Ecos irrelavantes de la Humanidad

Les recomiendo este ensayo de una amiga de Nueva Zealanda llamada REBECCA LINEHAM.

Strategic thinking is vital to all organisations yet it is barely understood, rarely recognised and unfairly quashed. To recognise and understand it, people are driven to create models of it, but unfortunately strategic thinking is one thing which cannot adequately be modelled because as soon as it is it loses its very essence – the struggle, the complexity, the paradox and the intuitive elements.

This paper explores some key questions about thinking strategically, strategic thinkers and strategic thinking, using the postmodernist discourse to frame the discussion. The final model asserts that a postmodernist approach to strategic thinking, consequently focussing on process over product, provides a more complete picture of strategic thinking, and is of more use.

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Osvaldo dijo...

Me interesa aprender acerca de dichos temas y metafísica es uno de ellos. En general suelo quedarme en mi casa mientras pido comida a un delivery providencia y me quedo leyendo de distintos temas