miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2007

¡La Ley de Moore es aplicable a las máquinas de afeitar!

Encontré genial este post que encontré en http://www.businessinnovationinsider.com/

Everybody knows about Moore's Law for the semiconductor industry (i.e. the observation that computer chips double in power every 18 months or so), but did you know that there's a version of Moore's Law for the razor blade industry as well? Gizmodo points to a hilarious Economist piece that predicts we'll be shaving ourselves with 14 (!) blades by the year 2100:
"Those of you who did a spit-take when Gillette announced their five blade Fusion razor last year because you remembered The Onion predicting it would happen from the year before, you should appreciate that someone at The Economist not only wondered whether or not there was a Moore’s Law for razor blades but actually worked on the graph you see to the left. If the (admittedly few) five data points we have hold, we should be shaving ourselves with fourteen blades by the 2100... We’d be impressed except that by 2100 we expect hair removal to be taken care of automagically by nanobots as we shower. Who wants blades when you can have teeny tiny robots?"

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