viernes, 27 de julio de 2007

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Chile First (Chile Primero): A Web 2.0 manner of doing politics in Chile

by rpastor - My Telegraph

Chilean Senator Fernando Flores and other left leaning politicians founded Chile Primero - Chile First, a new political movement with a very appealing vision.

Drawing from the dynamics of the Web 2.0, Chile Primero claims to be fed up with the manner in which politics are conducted in Chile. This online-p2p political movement wishes to promote and sustain marginal and innovative conversations that will create real awareness about the poor and warn down quality of the Chilean political status quo. Currently, politics in Chile are dominmated by two political aliances, which range from the right wing dual party alliance "Alianza por Chile", to the centre-leftish Alliance "Concertacion de Partidos por la Democracia", in Office since 1990.

Flores, an interdisciplinary philosopher and social and business entrepreneur, believes that the innovative impulse Chile fostered during the nineties has clearly faded away and that the latter has not only had an negative impact on this country’s economic growth, but more importantly on quality of their political propositions.

Chile Primero is an interesting political and social experiment, in the sense that it seeks to reconfigure marginal practices to the centre (conversations from the periphery), in order to enable Chile to leverage from real innovation, so that its society as a whole can be capable of actually producing and offering outputs (products and services) and outcomes with exponential added value that enhance constructive equity.

Chile Primero claims to be all about listening to Chile's real concerns and highlighting the missing conversations that are not being sustained in the political arena and which are necessary to surpass the barrier of inequality and underdevelopment.